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Epic V6

Epic V6 - Performance - $3995; Ultra - $4995


The unique Epic V6 has a surfski cockpit with sea kayak storage capacity. A kick-up rudder gives this fast and stable boat excellent shallow-water capability - it's the perfect all-rounder for day touring or entry-level racing!


L: 16' (4.88m), W: 23" (58.4cm), Wt: Performance - 39lbs (17.7kg); Ultra - 32lbs (14.5kg)

Epic GPX

Epic GPX - Performance - $2855; Ultra - $3505


The Epic GPX is stable, light and straight-tracking. With a roomy rear hatch and full deck lines, there is plenty of space for a day's worth of gear. Comfortable and responsive, the GPX should fit nearly any paddler and is a joy to use.


L: 12'11" (3.94m), W: 25" (63.5cm), Wt: Performance - 33lbs (15.0kg); Ultra - 27lbs (12.3kg)

Epic 16X

Epic 16X - Performance - $4225


The Epic 16X is a unique combination of stable, maneuverable and fast. Maneagable by paddlers of all levels, the 16X features an advanced steering system, adjustable seat and front deck cutaways. With over 46L of storage, it is ideal for long day trips and short excursions.


L: 16' (4.88m), W: 23" (58.4cm), Wt: 37-41lbs (16.7-18.5kg)

Epic 18X

Epic 18X - Performance - $4550; Ultra - $4995


The Epic 18X is a high-performance touring kayak designed for intermediate to advanced paddlers. It is sleek and efficient, covering long distances easily and quickly, with excellent performance in rough water. Great for a single day, or the longest expedition.


L: 18' (5.48m), W: 22" (55.88cm), Wt: 39-42lbs (17.6-19.0kg)

Epic 18X Sport

Epic 18X Sport - Performance - $4550; Ultra - $4995


The Epic 18X Sport is designed, like the 18X, for intermediate to advanced touring paddlers seeking an edge in a high-performance kayak. While the 18X and 18X Sport beam widths are equivalent, the waterline width of the 18X Sport is approximately ¾” wider than the 18X.

 18' (5.48m), W: 22" (55.88cm), Wt: 39-43lbs (17.6-19.5kg)

Epici 18X Double

Epic 18X Double - Performance - $5195; Ultra - $6495


The Epic 18X Double the first tandem touring kayak in Epic's range. The design has been optimized to give intermediate to advanced paddlers an edge in high-performance double sea kayaking. The 18X Double offers a sleek, efficient shape with a long waterline, providing exceptional speed.


L: 22' (6.70m), W: 22.4" (57cm), Wt: Performance - 63lbs (29kg); Ultra - 57lbs (26kg)


Kape Marino 565

Kape Marino 565 - Full Carbon - $2850


The Marino 565 is designed as a racing sea kayak for experienced paddlers. Its shallow arched hull balances its narrow width, and its lifted nose it doesn't dip on rapids. Under normal circumstances it also a nice choice for intermediate paddlers: it has proved on rivers and lakes well.


L: 18'6" (5.65m), W: 17.7" (45.0cm), Wt: 28.7-35.3lbs (13.0-16.0kg)