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Epic V5 Surfski

Epic V5 - Rotomolded - $1895; Performance - $3995; Ultra - $4995


The Epic V5 opens up a whole new world to performance paddling. Excellent stability makes it easy for anyone to jump in and go. Sleek lines and a comfortable cockpit make it fun for all. Available with optional Smart Track rudder.


L: 14' (4.26m), W: 23.6" (60.0cm), Wt: Rotomolded - 27.5lbs (12.5kg); Performance - 35.3lbs (15kg), Ultra - 48.5lbs (22kg)

Epic V6 Surfski

Epic V6 - Performance - $3995; Ultra - $4995


The unique Epic V6 has a surfski cockpit with sea kayak storage capacity. A kick-up rudder gives this fast and stable boat excellent shallow-water capability - it's the perfect all-rounder for day touring or entry-level racing!


L: 16' (4.88m), W: 23" (58.4cm), Wt: Performance - 39lbs (17.7kg); Ultra - 32lbs (14.5kg)

Epic V7 Surfski

Epic V7 - $1895, or $1995 with optional Smart Track rudder


The Epic V7 breaks the mold for rotomolded kayaks - it's light, efficient and easy to handle. With the same high-quality fittings as all Epic surfskis, going rotomolded doesn't have to be a compromise. A day hatch and excellent durability make this a great boat for any situation.


L: 17' (5.20m), W: 21.25" (54.0cm), Wt: 52lbs (23.7kg)

Epic V8 Surfski

Epic V8 - Club - $2995; Performance - $3995; Ultra - $4995


Fast, stable and performance-oriented, the V8 is great for fitness paddlers, racers, and anyone making the transition to high-performance surfskis. Bridging the gap between surfskis and sea kayaks, it will take you where you want to go. Available with Smart Track rudder ($350).


L: 18' (5.48m), W: 21.25" (54.0cm), Wt: Club - 38.5lbs (17.5kg); Performance - 35lbs (16kg); Ultra - 27.5lbs (12.5kg)

Epic V8 Pro Surfski

Epic V8 Pro - Club - $2995; Performance - $3995; Ultra - $4995


The V8 Pro is perfect for those who want an upgrade from the popular V8. The Pro adds 12” of length and takes nearly 1.5” off of the width, creating a livelier and faster surfski. It fits perfectly between the V8 and V10 Sport. Available with Smart Track rudder ($350).


L: 19' (5.79m), W: 19.9" (50.5cm), Wt: Club - 38.5lbs (17.5kg); Performance - 35lbs (16kg); Ultra - 27.5lbs (12.5kg)

Epic V10 Sport Surfski

Epic V10 Sport - Club - $2995; Performance - $3995; Ultra - $4995


The Epic V10 Sport performs phenomenally on both flat and rough water, just like the V10, but it's more stable, handling well in larger conditions. It's a great all-round surfski for any water, and for paddlers from intermediate to advanced.


L: 20' (6.10m), W: 18.9" (48.0cm), Wt: Club - 38.5lbs (17.5kg); Performance - 35lbs (16kg); Ultra - 27lbs (12.3kg)

Epic V10 Surfski

Epic V10 - Performance - $3995; Ultra - $4995


Designed from the ground up by world champions, the Epic V10 is incredibly fast, agile and comfortably stable. While exceptional on flatwater, the V10 is especially at home in upwind and downwind heavy sea conditions.


L: 21'2" (6.45m), W: 17.7" (45.0cm), Wt: Performance - 34lbs (15.5kg); Ultra - 27lbs (12.3kg)

Epic V10L Surfski

Epic V10L - Performance - $3995; Ultra - $4995


All the performance and stability of the Epic V10 are available in a form optimized for smaller paddlers: the Epic V10L. The cockpit ergonomics have been optimized for paddlers 165lbs (75kg) and under, and accomodate shorter leg lengths than the V10.


L: 20'2" (6.15m), W: 17.3" (44.0cm), Wt: Performance - 32lbs (14.5kg); Ultra - 26lbs (11.8kg)

Epic V11 Surfski

Epic V11 - Special order only, inquire for pricing


The V11 is for the progressive paddler who is looking for a boat that is agile and extremely responsive. It has been designed to carefully balance length and stability with boat volume, optimizing its proven surf characteristics while not losing its racing edge.


L: 19' (5.79m), W: 16.9" (43.0cm), Wt: Ultra - 23.6lbs (10.7kg); Elite - 20.7lbs (9.4kg)

Epic V12 Surfski

Epic V12 - Special order only, inquire for pricing


The V12 is designed to be the ultimate downwind machine for elite level paddlers. The updated design has more rocker, a reconfigured cockpit for a dryer ride and a more responsive rudder position, all while keeping a hint of extra stability over our V14.


L: 21' (6.40m), W: 16.9" (43cm), Wt: Ultra - 27lbs (12.3kg); Elite - 23lbs (10.4kg)

Epic V14 Surfski

Epic V14 - Ultra - $4995


The V14 is designed to be the fastest surfski on the market in mid-sized water conditions. It is even sleeker and narrower than the V10 and V12, with a narrower bow that allows it to slice through the wind chop and small waves.


L: 21' (6.40m), W: 16.9" (42.9cm), Wt: 26.5lbs (12.0kg)

Epic SLS10 Surfski

Epic SLS10 - Performance - $3995


The Epic SLS10 has been designed in with 16 times Australian Surf Life Saving champion Clint Robinson. Epic’s Greg Barton and Clint tested and re-tested every element of the design on multiple prototypes to get it perfect. The result is a ski with incredible speed, comfort & strength.


L: 19' (5.79m), W: 18.9" (48cm), Wt: 39.6lbs (18kg)

Epic V10 Double Surfski

Epic V10 Double - Performance - $4875; Ultra - $6225


Just like its sister - the Epic V10 - the Epic V10 Double is fast but surprisingly user-friendly. Deck cutouts and bailers are standard in both cockpits. Comfortable seats and superior ergonomics make this boat a pleasure for tandem paddlers.


L: 24'11" (7.6m), W: 19" (48.3cm), Wt: Performance - 55lbs (25kg);
Ultra - 44lbs (20kg)



Think Ion Surfski

Ion - Performance - $3495; Elite - $4495


The 2017 Think Ion is a high performance all-star! With a new rocker profile, new seat and footwell, and new low profile deck, the ion is tuned to offer great speed, handling, and efficiency. Whether in a howling downwind or on the mirror flats, the Ion is a true all-conditions advanced paddler’s ski.


L: 21'1" (6.42m), W: 17.5" (44.4cm)

Think Evo Surfski

Evo - Performance - $3495; Elite - $4495


The Evo has set the bench mark for all-around performance for more than a decade. Competitively fast, intermediate stability, and great comfort make it the best choice for enthusiast racers and fitness paddlers. Now in its 3rd generation, the Evo has just the right amount of rocker to surf like a champ as well as great speed on the flats.


L: 20'6" (6.25m), W: 18.5" (47cm)

Think Zen Surfski

Zen - Performance - $3495; Elite - $4495


The Zen is the Swiss Army Knife of high-performance paddling. First and foremost, it’s fast. The length to width ratio is such that it can mix it up with the elite and competitive skis. Second is the stability. The Zen is very stable for a ski of this performance level. Thirdly, the Zen features the Gen3 ergonomics that really let you perform at your best.


L: 18'4" (5.60m), W: 20.5" (52.0cm)

Think Eze Surfski

Eze - Performance - $3495; Elite - $4495


The Eze is the ideal boat for a lot of people. It’s fast, fun, and sporty with the soul of a racer, yet it’s maneuverable, stable, and forgiving. The Eze provides a strong platform for new paddlers to develop their technique, while experienced paddlers will love the quickness and maneuverability. A boat that puts a smile on every face!


L: 17' (5.18m), W: 20" (51.0cm)