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We carry a variety of paddling suits, gloves, footwear and other paddling apparel. Our apparel inventory changes often, so please contact us to inquire about availability.


Star Board:

sup suit mens

Allstar SUP Suit - $986


Made from a breathable and waterproof fabric with latex seals on the wrists and ankle cuffs and fully waterproof front zip with a soft neoprene neck seal. The anatomical panel layout reduced stress points allowing full vertical stretch along the back and horizontal stretch on the torso side panels with a much slimmer fit for 100% paddling performance. The Men’s All Star SUP Suit is designed with the racer in mind. SUPing in the cold will never be the same. Great for other types of paddling too! Available in men's (left) and women's (right).

sup suit womens



vaikobi base top

VCold L/S Base Top - $119.95


Featuring Vaikobi's innovative V Cold Technology which allows your body to breathe when required whilst maintaining an optimum body temperature level for maximum performance. Super stretchy, super light and super comfortable!

vaikobi paddle top

V Ocean Paddle Top - $79.95


Featuring Vaikobi's super light and stretchy VLight fabrication which is extremely soft for maximum comfort. Providing maximum sun protection to keep you cool and powering. Also available in orange and black!

vaikobi paddle top

VCold Storm Top - $179.99


Featuring VCold Storm fabrication and design to increase performance in cool to cold conditions. Thicker outer ripstop fabrication provides increased protection from the elements, whilst maintaining the highest level of breathability.

vaikobi paddle pant

V Ocean Paddle Pant - $109.95


Designed for the warmer seasons, this pant will protect your legs from the elements and improve circulation for better performance. Performs across all paddling disciplines and will keep you cool as the sun heats up.


vaikobi paddle pant

VCold Storm Pant - $139.95


Vaikobi's innovative V Cold Technology allows your body to breathe while maintaining an optimum body temperature. Ergonomically designed for maximum paddle performance in cool to cold conditions.

vaikobi paddle short

V Ocean Paddle Short - $89.95


Designed for performance paddling, this short is packed with features to increase comfort and performance. Featuring Vaikobi's Seamless Air Pad Seat panel, there are no uncomfortable seams to cause discomfort or restrict rotation.

vaikobi beanie

V Cold Beanie - $29.95


Latest Vaikobi Innovation designed to provide the ultimate insulation solution for your head, neck and ears in the Ocean environment. Featuring Vaikobi's Airprene outer layer with hydrofleece inner layer for temperature regulation