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Epic (USA):

Non-slip Traction Pads - $33


Non-slip pads provide traction and comfort on all Epic surfski footboards. Self adhesive backing. Two sizes are available.

Slider Seat Pad - $25


Made from 6.5mm (1/4”) thick closed cell foam with a slick top surface to allow for proper rotation in the boat, while adding comfort.

Stability Training Pad Set - $65


Use for comfort, or stack them to train for narrower boats by raising your centre of gravity and reducing stability.

Hip Pads - $40


Self adhesive hip pads provide custom fit and comfort in both sea kayaks and surfskis.


Paddle Leash - $33


The paddle leash attaches to your paddle so you can keep track of it in case you lose grip or require both hands to remount.

Pro Leg Leash - $35


Perfect for staying connected to your boat, attaches just below knee. Similar to the Deluxe Leash, but without quick release option.

Deluxe Leg Leash - $45


Similar to the standard leg leash, but equipped with a quick release carabiner to disconnect in large break conditions.





Paddling Cushion - $65
13 x 16"


This cushion is light, low-profile and waterproof. Its fluidized gel tech relieves pressure and eliminates numbness. It features a low-friction top and a super non-skid bottom.

Kayak Pad - $40
10.5 x 15"


A lightweight, low-profile, comfort pad for the paddler who just wants something between him and his boat. Fluidized gel relieves pressure and eliminates numbness.

Dragon Boat Pad - $40

8 x 12"


This fluidized gel pad is used by competitive dragon boat paddlers. The fluidized gel delivers pressure relief where you need it most - under the "sitz" bones. 





vaikobi travel bag

Vaikobi Travel Bag - $250


Designed to fit everything you may possibly need for an away race in one perfectly sized bag, the new Vaikobi Travel Bag is packed with features! The one large long compartment will easily store multiple paddles, and the two smaller compartments are perfect for clothing, toiletries and must-have paddle gear. Super tough truck wheels and a soft, padded handle make moving around easier, and super lightweight construction ensures you maximise your available weight to travel with.



Kayak Sport Canada:


kayak sport accessory mount

KSC Carbon Fibre Accessory Mount for Epic Surfskis - $95


If you own an Epic surfski, you know there’s no really good place to mount your GPS...until now! Kayak Sport Canada has developed this carbon fibre accessory mount to fit your device to your boat safely and securely.  Lightweight and great-looking, this accessory mount made in-house at Kayak Sport Canada is a direct fit to your Epic surfski using the existing bunjee holders located ahead of the footboard. No modifications are required and installation takes seconds!  Available for all first and second generation Epic composite surfskis.





Motionize Paddle Edge - $325


The Motionize Paddle Edge is a virtual paddling coach for all levels and suitable for touring, surfski, and racing kayaks. With Motionize you can improve your stroke instantly, from one stroke to another with our top view live feature. Get feedback and coaching tips in real-time, while you’re paddling. Improve from stroke to stroke, not from session to session. Find out how you paddle as you paddle. Each stroke, each boat tilt, and each heartbeat – they all count. Track your progress over time, organize your stats, and share with friends, coaches, and the community – all from the Motionize app.


The Motionize Paddle Edge includes a 9-axis kayak motion sensor, a 9-axis paddle sensor, charger, RAM mount and two mounting stickers.


Motionize SUPerior - $125


The only product out there to provide instant feedback about your stroke, SUPerior will allow you to see how minor changes in your movements affect momentum and glide. Compatible with and easily installed on all paddle and board types, our system will help you achieve your goals whether they be reaching the podium or strengthening your core.


SUPerior utilizes your smartphone’s capabilities to provide real time feedback. Position your phone in view and track your movements throughout the session, or keep it in your pfd and receive audio cues. The system will also help you set training goals and motivate you to reach them, all while listening to your favorite workout music.


The Motionize SUPerior includes a 9-axis paddle sensor, charger, USB cable and paddle sensor mount.