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Wenonah (USA):


Escapade (Kevlar Ultralight) - $3499  SOLD OUT


The Escapade is a short, responsive and fast tandem that is maneuverable for the solo paddler. Great for smaller paddlers, light packers or those who simply prefer a shorter canoe. Truly a superior hull design and a great paddling canoe. 


L: 16'6" (5.03m), W: 33.5" (85.1cm), Wt: 42lbs (19.1kg)


Escape (Kevlar Ultralight or Kevlar Flex-core) - $3499-3699


The Escape is a medium-sized performance tandem - a sleek, stable performance canoe that will paddle well on streams, rivers, ponds and lakes. It holds plenty of gear, and its deep bow and stern keep you dry in choppy waters. 


L: 17'6" (5.33m), W: 34.5" (87.6cm), Wt: 41-53lbs (18.6-24.0kg)


Minnesota II (Kevlar Ultralight or Kevlar Flex-core) - $3667-$3775


Quite simply the most efficient, straight-tracking, tandem tripping canoe ever made. The Minnesota II is fast and seaworthy even when heavily loaded, but fun to paddle lightly loaded just for the thrill. Fantastic for portaging and long-distance paddling!


L: 18'6" (5.64m), W: 35.0" (88.9cm), Wt: 42lbs (19.1kg)


Minnesota 3 (Kevlar Ultralight) - $3995



The Minnesota 3 is specifically designed for three paddlers and their gear, but is faster than most tandems. A sliding bow seat, fixed stern seat, and removable center seat make this canoe the ultimate tool for all the gear and people you want to take!


L: 20' (6.10m), W: 35.5" (90.2cm), Wt: 55lbs (24.9kg)